Ways to mentally stimulate your dog

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This is something I have just  come across and thought it interesting and helpful especially if you have a new puppy.

  • Obedience Training – Just try doing some fun tricks or some simple commands.
  • Rotate your dogs toys – One idea is to bring out a select few and each week or month rotate them around.
  • Play dates with other dogs – Organising playdates with your friends or family dogs can be fun and exciting for them.
  • Daily exercise – Physical exercise is a must for your furry friend to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Interactive toys – Interactive toys such as ones that make noises or talk, not just the squeaky ones.
  • Take various walking routes – Dogs will get used to walking the same path every day and will get bored, just like you probably.
  • Work for treats – If you are planning on giving a tasty treat to your furry friend make them work for it.
  • Take your dog everywhere – if you don’t have much planned for the day and are just running simple errands have your furry friend with you.
  • Agility Training – Agility training is a combination of concentration which is mental stimulation and physical exercise.
  • Go to different dog parks – Going to the same dog park with the same dogs and same smells can get a little boring.
  • Brain training games – Brain training games are different to your usual toys, for example a Kong filled with doggy treats which  will be difficult  to retrieve.
  • Beach time – Spoil yourself and your furry friend and head to the beach for the afternoon and have some fun.  Throw a frisby
  • Tug-of-War – Playing tug-of-war helps release any aggression or boredom and can be therapeutic for your furry friend






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